5 Signs You Can Benefit from Breast Lift

If you used to be happy with the appearance of your breasts but in recent years have grown dissatisfied with the way they look and hang, you may be a great candidate for breast lift surgery.

Enhancing Your Profile With Breast Lift

Breast lift performed by the experienced Charlotte plastic surgeons of Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery reverses sagging and restores a youthful profile by elevating the breasts on the chest.

The procedure can also help restore symmetry,

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon During a Breast Lift Consultation

Over time and due to certain events, such as pregnancy and weight fluctuations, most women’s breasts undergo significant changes. They change size and shape, and they may droop or lose their volume or perkiness.

Mommy Makeover for a New You

It is widely known that the physical effects of pregnancy, childbirth and nursing can deeply affect a mother’s self-image and confidence. Every day, Dr. Robert Graper and Dr. Garrett Harper,