Plastic Surgery Patient Resources in Charlotte, NC

After calling Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery, information about our practice and the specific procedures of interest will be emailed to you. Scheduling your personal consultation is the next step. During that consultation, Dr. Graper or Dr. Harper will review your medical history, discuss your cosmetic concerns and perform an examination of the areas involved. They will then outline different treatment options, recovery period, risks, benefits and costs. The consultation fee is deducted from the cost of your plastic surgery. Fees quoted at the time of consultation are good for six months. In order to ensure that we understand your goals, your anticipated results can be reviewed via computer imaging. After a thorough review of all the medical information and financial considerations, you will have the necessary information to make an informed choice about whether cosmetic surgery is right for you. Consultations for skin care services and non-surgical procedures are available. One of our Patient Services Representatives will assist you in scheduling the appropriate appointment to address your concerns.

Once you decide to proceed with cosmetic surgery, our surgery coordinator will arrange the best time and date for the cosmetic surgery. We request that all healthy patients under 50 years of age have a blood count done here in the office. Patients over 50 or with medical problems must have a blood count, serum chemistries, an EKG and be cleared by their medical doctor for surgery. These measures are taken to ensure the safety of our patients. Our surgery coordinator will arrange any additional medical exams and schedule laboratory tests as needed.