Have the breast augmentation results you once loved diminished over time?  Has pregnancy or weight gain/loss changed your breasts in ways you don’t like?  Were your goals and expectations not met from the original surgery?  Is there something that you wish you could change? At Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery, our renowned surgeons specialize in revision breast surgery and we are pleased to have one of the foremost breast revisional surgeons in the Charlotte area, Dr. Garrett Harper. With an established breast practice that includes both cosmetic breast augmentation surgery and breast reconstruction, our doctors are able to offer the latest techniques and strategies to restore your breasts to a more beautiful and natural appearance.

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Breast Augmentation Breast Reconstruction

Breast Asymmetry

Whether you had noticeable asymmetry before your breast augmentation surgery or feel you have developed asymmetry from your surgery, this is a very common concern for women.  Asymmetry can be caused by a number of things including volume discrepancies, anatomical landmarks like the nipple-areolar complex not being positioned correctly, incision and scar placement being suboptimal or other issues with implants that could contribute to the problem.  No matter the cause, our expertise in the area allows us to offer our patients the best solutions and the latest advances in surgical techniques and products to make symmetry a reality.

Breast Implant Capsular Contracture

When breast implants have been placed, it is natural for the body to form a capsule that lines the breast pocket and surrounds the implant. Studies show a varying range in the formation of this capsule that becomes an issue for the patient. If the capsule becomes thick, hardens, and starts to draw up, the implant can become misshapen, mal-positioned, or even painful.  There are several strategies that can be applied to handling this complication. If you feel that capsular contracture may be an issue that you are facing, come learn about ways to treat and minimize your risk for it developing again.

Bottoming-Out / Recurrent Ptosis

Occasionally, breast implants can displace downward and either end up in too low of a position or stretch the lower pole tissue to a point where the aesthetic relationships of the breast become suboptimal. In these cases, revision surgery to make sure the implant is placed into the best position possible and that surrounding breast tissue is beautifully shaped to achieve a more natural, longer-lasting result is what is needed.

If breast implants were not used and your initial surgery was a breast lift or reduction, sometimes the tissues relax over time to a point where they need revision surgery to improve their look and restore their youthful appearance.  Sometimes an implant or fat grafting can be used to help achieve a fuller look if desired.

Breast Lift Breast Reduction

Undesirable Breast Shape/Size

Sometimes, the original breast surgery just doesn’t achieve the shape or size that you desired.  Perhaps you are smaller or larger than you had hoped for or you wanted a more natural shape.  You don’t have to settle with the things look after your surgery.  There are many techniques and adjunctive procedures that can be done to get you the results you intended.  There are many implant options available to patients these days and each can give an entirely different result.  If you aren’t happy with what was achieved by your implants, come in to discuss other options that are available to help you reach your goals.


Scar revision can be a simple and safe procedure to improve the quality of your result with very little downtime.  If you are unhappy with your scars, there may be a very easy solution that will do wonders for your self-esteem.

Few areas in plastic and reconstructive surgery have changed and improved as much as they have with breast surgery.  Over the last several years, there have been major improvements in the quality and styles of breast implants available as well as additional products to help achieve and maintain beautiful results.  Surgical techniques and approaches have improved and strategies such as autologous fat grafting have raised the bar and elevated expectations.  For the cosmetic and the reconstructive breast surgery patient, there is almost always an opportunity for improvement.  Schedule a consultation and find out what options are available to restore your confidence.

Breast Implants Post Op Instructions
Breast Implants Post Op Instructions

Breast Revision Frequently Asked Questions

Any woman who has previously had breast surgery and is not completely satisfied with her result is a good candidate for breast revision. Whether you are concerned with your breast shape, volume, scarring, position, or any other issue after an augmentation, lift, or reconstruction, there are likely strategies and procedures that can finally make your goals a reality.
Pain associated with revision breast surgery is dependent on what needs to be done to correct your issues. The tenderness depends on what is performed surgically and the patient’s tolerance for surgical procedures. It is impossible to state exactly what to expect from a pain standpoint without examining and formulating a surgical plan. This will be discussed fully during your comprehensive consultation appointment.
Depending on what procedure(s) are necessary to revise your breasts and to get the look you have always wanted, recovery is typically the same as it for the procedure as if it were being done for the first time. In some instances, recovery is easier because there are just minor adjustments that need to be performed. Ranges can be back to normal the next day or a week or longer before the patient could return to work. Every case is different, but you will get a better idea of what your recovery should be like after your consultation and the surgical plan is outlined.
Risks during breast revision surgery are the same as the individual procedure itself. As with any surgery, bleeding and infection are always a small but constant risk. Most of the risks are simply whether the procedure produces the desired result. As each surgical plan may differ, make sure you discuss this in-depth with your surgeon and that all questions are answered and you feel as comfortable prior to surgery.
The cost ultimately depends on what is done for each patient. The range would be $500 for a simple scar revision
to nearly $10,000 for removal and replacement of silicone implants and a breast lift, for example. Details of your procedure will be discussed during your comprehensive consultation.