Facelift in Charlotte, NC

Some say that age is just a state of mind. That mantra would be a lot easier to believe if aging weren’t accompanied by so many physical changes to the face.

At the point when people stop recognizing their own face in the mirror, facelift surgery becomes an appealing solution. Here, the surgeons at Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery explain some of the facial imperfections that can be improved with facelift.

Wrinkles and Lines

Skin loses its elasticity over time, which makes it easier for wrinkles and lines to settle in. By trimming and tightening the skin on the mid and lower portions of the face, facelift restores a smoother texture to the skin. At the same time, smile lines, marionette lines and chin wrinkles either diminish or fade from visibility altogether.


Jowls are pockets of skin that dangle just beneath the chin and jawline. As a result, the bottom of the face can lose its youthful shape. Facelift will remove jowls as well as unwanted fat deposits that settle in this region for a sharper, more defined jawline. This should also help to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Neck Wattle

Although facelift’s name may indicate that it focuses exclusively on the face, most facelift surgeries include touchups to the neck. It is common for a “turkey wattle” or folds of loose, excess skin to develop on the front of the neck. Excising and tightening neck skin will help to achieve nicer, more youthful contours.

Sagging, Sunken Cheeks

The reason that attractive faces are said to have “baby fat” is that the tissue that provides that extra volume fades over time. Some faces will even develop hollows in place of fuller cheeks, which further ages the face. When performed by an artful surgeon, facelift can adjust facial tissue and muscle to recreate more voluminous cheeks.

Older Appearance

When put together, all of these flaws can make the face appear aged, tired or sad. Facelift’s rejuvenating abilities are transformative — patients often hear that they look 10 or more years younger than they did before surgery. The skin looks younger and healthier. With proper care like moisturizing the skin and avoiding sun exposure, facelift results should last a long time.

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