Mini Facelift & Full Facelift Charlotte, NC

When signs of aging start to change the appearance of your face, you may start to give serious consideration to plastic surgery. If you are like many of the patients who meet with the board-certified plastic surgeons at Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery to discuss facelift, you may have specific questions about whether you are a good candidate for mini facelift, a less invasive version of the traditional surgery. To help curious patients better understand the difference between mini facelift and full facelift, Dr. Garrett Harper and Dr. Robert Graper offer the following explanation:

It Depends on the Progression of Aging

Although some assume that the word “mini” means smaller results, the term refers to having fewer and smaller incisions. In fact, the results from mini facelift can be just as stunning as a full facelift depending on the condition of your face prior to surgery. Mini facelift does its best work on patients with mild to moderate signs of aging, while full facelift is appropriate for moderate to severe signs of aging like deep-set wrinkles.

In most cases, mini facelift is appropriate for patients in their 40s and early 50s, before significant wrinkles appear on the face. With that said, aging manifests on different timelines for each person thanks to genetics and skin care regimen. It is not unusual for one 45-year-old to be better served by a full facelift, while another patient in her 60s (who has diligently stayed out of the sun) may still be a candidate for mini facelift.

Examine the Condition of the Jowls and Neck

Even more than fine lines and wrinkles, mini facelift is great at reviving the definition of the jawline by diminishing the appearance of the jowls (the rounded skin that hangs from the bottom of the face). If this is the primary concern you have for your face, mini facelift may be the right choice.

Where mini facelift falls short compared to traditional surgery is in addressing signs of aging on the neck. Traditional facelift includes techniques used in neck lift to tackle loose neck skin. If your neck is no longer smooth or has developed a wattle, you probably should seek the full procedure to rejuvenate your face more uniformly.

Recovery Time

By virtue of being a less invasive procedure, mini facelift utilizes fewer and smaller incisions. The clear benefit is that it means less swelling and bruising, and that translates to less discomfort and the ability to return to work sooner. If your vacation days are limited, this may be an important factor.

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Harper and Dr. Graper are regularly recognized as the best plastic surgery team in Charlotte. During a consultation, they can evaluate the condition of your face and neck to determine whether traditional or mini facelift is most appropriate for achieving your aesthetic goals. Together, you can choose a surgical plan that makes the most sense. Please call (704) 375-7111 to make an appointment.