ThermiTight™ results are achieved by inducing new collagen in the treatment area by heating the tissues to specific temperatures. This is done by introducing a radio frequency probe under the skin via a simple needle puncture near the treatment zone. The radiofrequency electrode then emits heat to treat the tissues. The temperature is monitored by an internal digital thermometer and an external infra-red camera to ensure efficacy and safety. Once the tissues in the area have been heated to a uniform desired temperature, the needle probe is removed, adhesive strips are applied to the puncture sites and the patient goes home.

ThermiTight in Charlotte, NC
ThermiTight Before & After Photos in Charlotte, NC

The results may be visible at a week or may take up to nine months to fully develop. Everyone responds differently to the treatment depending on their tissues and the severity of the aging problem they are experiencing. This treatment works well for those patients who have loose skin and extra fat but does nothing for loose or banding muscles. Younger patients with more collagen in their skin do better than older patients as there are more collagen-producing cells to stimulate collagen production so the shrink wrap effect is stronger. Generally, patients with large aging issues will need a larger, more powerful procedure, while other patients with milder aging issues will do fine with minimally invasive procedures like ThermiTight. This explains why some results will be better than others and last longer than others. Drs. Graper and Harper of Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery will advise you on what you can expect.

ThermiTight Lower Back Patient in Charlotte, NC
ThermiTight Abdomen Patient in Charlotte, NC

Complications are mostly does it look right? Does it meet your expectations? Surgery to correct aging is always the gold standard for the best results but there is a definite role for ThermiTight. We find this technique most applicable for patients who need just a little bit of improvement that does not justify the cost or recovery time of surgery. It is also helpful for patients who have had surgery and look good but want a small refreshing with very little hassle. It can also be for the patient who does not have the time, courage, or finances for surgery but wants something to feel better about their appearance. At Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery, we only do procedures that actually work. This is a minimally invasive option that can fill that role.

Dr. Graper talks with Sheri of the Bob & Sheri Show about THERMI
Dr. Graper talks with Sheri of the Bob & Sheri Show about THERMI

Frequently Asked Questions About ThermiTight

Good candidates for ThermiTight are patients who have early signs of aging but not enough to justify more invasive surgery. Good candidates may also have more advanced aging but are unwilling to have surgery for many reasons. They may not have the courage, motivation, time, or resources to proceed with surgery. The recovery time is minimal and there are no stitches because the entire treatment is done through three small needle sticks. Patients can get an improvement with ThermiTight even if its not their best choice.
We give our patients an oral sedative and then put local anesthesia in the area to be treated. Once the medicine takes effect, the patients usually just go to sleep.
Our patients wear a chin strap to minimize the swelling for the first couple of days and after that when they are at home or sleeping. It just makes the swelling go away faster.
Swelling and bruising are common but these are more side effects than complications. There are no dangers to the procedure.
The cost varies by how much time it takes to perform the procedure. Necks are $3500, face and neck $4500, upper abdomen $4500, arms $4500. An exact quote will be given during your comprehensive consultation.

* Disclaimer: As with all medical procedures, individual results and experiences may vary.