Male Plastic Surgeons Charlotte, NC

Although cosmetic surgery has traditionally been linked to women, the number of male patients across the United States has grown steadily in recent years. Men who want to look their best are less hesitant to undergo procedures that can help them reach their aesthetic goals. In Charlotte, North Carolina, many of the men who are interested in cosmetic procedures (surgical and non-surgical) visit Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery first because of our great reputation. Here’s why they do so: 

An Understanding of What Makes a Man Handsome

Beauty standards are different for men and women, and cosmetic procedures need to be adjusted accordingly. For Dr. Garrett Harper and Dr. Robert Graper, the goal of these procedures is generally to enhance masculinity. Rugged features are preferable to soft ones.

On the face, men have larger noses, longer brows and chiseled jawlines. Men are less concerned with lines and wrinkles because they make a man’s face look dignified rather than old. With body contouring procedures, the goal is typically to make the body look toned rather than svelte. Pockets of fat and loose skin can go, but “curves” should be avoided.

An Understanding of Male Anatomy

Biological differences are also relevant to this conversation. Blood vessels are more plentiful in men’s faces, which can mean a quicker recovery time. Because men’s hairlines are much more likely to recede, Dr. Harper and Dr. Graper know not to rely on a current hairline to hide an incision as that may change in the years to follow.

On the body, men’s skin is roughly 25% thicker than women’s due to higher levels of testosterone. Advanced incision techniques are critical to avoid excess swelling.  

Experience Treating Men

Just because some doctors have studied the differences between male and female patients does not mean they have seen enough male patients to put those ideas into practice. Any man seeking cosmetic surgery should ask a prospective surgeon for before-and-after photos to see proof of their work on men. Check these photos to see that the features worked on still appear masculine rather than feminine (unless that is the specific look you are requesting). Dr. Harper and Dr. Graper are proud to demonstrate their fantastic work on male patients.

Another perk of going to an office that frequently treats men is that our male patients do not need to feel like a fish out of water here.

Learn More about Male Plastic Surgery in Charlotte

This month, Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery is offering specials on male procedures in honor of Father’s Day. If you are a man interested in cosmetic enhancement, or you know a man in your life who would enjoy a procedure, please contact our office to learn more.