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Your forehead may be one of the first parts of your face to display signs of aging. As your skin becomes less elastic, creases that form due to forehead movements become deeper-set and may linger indefinitely. If you are interested in rejuvenating your brow, you may have seen two separate procedures recommended: brow lift and Botox. To help you make an informed decision, Charlotte plastic surgeons Dr. Garrett Harper and Dr. Robert Graper will compare these surgical and non-surgical options.

Brow Lift

The first goal of brow lift is to tighten the skin around the forehead. By excising droopy skin and pulling the forehead muscles taut, Dr. Garrett Harper and Dr. Robert Graper can significantly diminish the horizontal lines across your forehead and vertical frown lines between your brows. The second goal is to elevate your eyebrows. Drooping eyebrows not only make your face look older, but also tired and grumpy. Raising the arch of the eyebrows rejuvenates and improves the forehead’s overall appearance. 


Botox is an injectable treatment that has been approved by the FDA to reduce forehead lines. The botulinum toxin temporarily “freezes” specific muscles that move when you make facial expressions. Because these muscles cannot move in the months that follow, lines fade and the forehead appears smooth again. Strategic Botox injections can also elevate the positioning of the eyebrows.

Choosing the Right Procedure for You

While both procedures are great at addressing similar imperfections, they take drastically different approaches. Botox achieves subtle changes, while brow lift’s results are more dramatic. Botox lasts in the forehead for about three or four months, whereas brow lift’s effects can be visible for upwards of a decade.

Factors that you may want to weigh include cost, how severe the signs of aging are on your face and the duration of your results. You may find the non-invasive nature of Botox to be preferable, but you may also want to consider that Graper Harper Cosmetic Surgery offers endoscopic brow lift, a less invasive form of brow lift with a significantly easier recovery. Ultimately, you should make the decision that feels right for you.

Speak to Dr. Harper or Dr. Graper

As board-certified plastic surgeons who are highly respected in their field, Dr. Harper and Dr. Graper have decades of experience improving foreheads with brow lift and Botox. If you would like to rejuvenate your forehead, consult with one of our surgeons to decide which approach is best for your lines and brow. Please call (704) 375-7111 to set up an appointment.