Breastfeeding with Implants Q&A in Charlotte NC

Many breast augmentation candidates wonder how implants affect breastfeeding, and some worry that the surgery will impede their ability to nurse their infants. If you are facing breast augmentation surgery and have similar questions or concerns, our Charlotte cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Robert Graper and Dr. Garrett Harper, are your best resources for accurate information. Below, the doctors answer the most commonly asked questions about breastfeeding with implants.

Will I Be Able to Breastfeed with Implants?

Normally implants do not affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed. The surgical procedure to place implants does not remove or damage the milk-producing glands. Also, there is no scientific evidence that breastfeeding with implants is unsafe for infants.

The majority of women with breast implants discover they are able to breastfeed successfully after surgery. And for those that are not able to breastfeed, it generally is not because of reasons pertaining to their implants.

Women that are especially concerned about breastfeeding after breast augmentation may opt to avoid having implants placed through incisions around the areola; instead, they may prefer for the implants to be placed through an incision in the fold of the breast, away from the milk ducts that carry milk to the nipples.

Can Silicone Leak Into My Breast Milk?

It is highly unlikely that silicone will travel from the implant into your breast milk and harm your baby. The chances of a silicone implant rupturing into the milk ducts are extremely low. Today’s implants are very strong and very safe.

Can I Pump with Implants?

Implants should not impede the ability to use a breast pump. Pumps are extremely helpful to working mothers and mothers that have a hard time keeping up an adequate milk supply. The pump’s suction is no stronger than a baby’s natural suckle and should not affect the integrity of the implant.

If you experience any discomfort while pumping, please contact one of our doctors, your obstetrician or your primary care physician.

Will My Breast Implants Sag after Nursing?

The appearance of breast implants usually doesn’t change after breastfeeding, but the appearance of the natural breast tissue can. Typically the natural breast tissue expands and engorges while nursing, and then deflates and sometimes droops after stopping breastfeeding.

Women that are bothered by post-nursing breast sag may opt to have mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, to correct the problem. Implants can remain in place or be replaced with a different pair at the time of breast lift surgery, depending on personal preference.

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